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We offer our services to both commercial and residential customers in the Frome and surrounding area.   

Window Cleaning Frome, Somerset


Exterior window cleaning in Frome and Somerset is carried out using a state of the art pure hot water system that utilises water-fed pole technology. Cleaning frames as well as glass gives the whole look and feel of the building a major lift. We use a long extendable pole system that pumps pure water up the pole to the brush, which cleans the glass and frames. This eliminates the use of ladders and maintains your privacy.



Ignoring the insides of windows means that you don’t get the clarity that you could be having if both sides of the glass were cleaned.  We utilise state of the art internal cleaning systems that are based upon using a very fine spray of pure water to facilitate the cleaning and which enable us to reach glass in high and awkward places.



Gutter Cleaning Frome, Somerset

Gutters play a key role in the care of your property and the best way to avoid problems is to have them cleaned out regularly.  Insurers, for example AXA, recommend at least once a year.  We can set up our system to remind us to contact you each year to arrange the clearing of the gutters. We use a high technology gutter vacuum system complete with camera to get an accurate view of what is in your gutters.

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