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Sunlight Cleaning Ltd specialises in commercial and domestic window cleaning offering the cleaning of both inside and outside windows in Frome and surrounding areas. We also offer related services such as cleaning conservatories and conservatory roofs as well as cleaning soffits, gutters, solar panels and also clearing the debris out of gutters. 


We use state of the art equipment enabling us to clean with hot pure water. Pure water is water that has been filtered through a multi-stage filtering system, removing all solids such as minerals out of the water. This means that the windows dry free of marks and smears. The reason that pure water cleans so well is because it is very unstable in its pure state and will therefore absorb any solids such as dirt on and around the windows. By using pure water we ensure that your windows will stay cleaner for longer as there is no soapy film left on the glass for dirt to stick to.

Cold pure water does a great job, it is true, and I used it myself for nine years, but if you had a choice of hot or cold water to wash your dishes, which would you choose? Hot pure water definitely allows for a deeper, faster clean than cold pure water.


Based near Frome in Somerset, we cover a radius of approximately 10 miles. Our philosophy is to always do the best job that we can and to leave your building feeling light and amazing. If we provide a regular service the customer also benefits from having the window frames cleaned for free as part of the service. This makes a huge difference to the look and feel of the property as opposed to just cleaning the glass. 


Sunlight Cleaning Limited is a family-run business founded by Doug Valentine, whose strong work ethic, integrity and love of people form the foundation of the business.

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